Friday, March 04, 2011

Nesting Generic models into Curtain Pattern Based Families

This comes from a query I received recently and also extends back a few years ago; since I came up with a similar challenge creating a curtain wall system for a proof of concept project I had to do when I worked for Excitech. This really will scare the BIM purist, but it may be useful. :-)image

In the example above I have used a generic model family and nested this into a curtain wall pattern based family, which in turn is loaded into a divided surface. If you build the generic model in Revit, this principle will work in Vasari as well. image

What is interesting about this is you can pull points and edges of the divided surface and the panels will cut back.


This may be useful when you having to quickly produce a concept study and find it quick to build old school geometry rather than work with points and reference lines to build the panel.

generic model nested into a pattern based cw panel

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