Saturday, May 31, 2014

BIM 360 info & Autodesk 360 Viewer

I’m excited by where BIM 360 is going. Its worth reviewing this article at Jeremy Tammik’s The Building Coder blog. It’s a useful insight into the direction of Glue & Field with regards to API access…..& this is only the beginning. Watch out for some interesting developments going forward….

One other thing, be sure to read up about the new Autodesk 360 viewer at Ken Walmsley’s Through the Interface blog. I’ve had a good play with this & its very impressive.

Use the link below….. to open a model to play with….note this only works with Google Chrome, Firefox or other WebGL 3d graphic enabled browsers.



File Upgrader – Revit 2015

From experience its about this time when Revit users / BIM managers start to look at deploying the latest version of Revit; a service pack has typically been issued & things are slowly settling down. One thing you are going to want to do is upgrade all your content to the latest version. People use various tools such as batch files, journals etc. But can I suggest you take a look at Revit File Upgrader from Harry Matterson @ Boost Your BIM? Harry released a 2014 version which you will find on the Autodesk App Store.


However, he has also released a awesome 2015 version, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Harry has given it away for free; so be sure drop by his website & thank him. You can download it from here.