Friday, October 19, 2012

Revit 2013 update Release 2

Today Autodesk have released  Revit 2013 service pack 2. You can download the Revit Architecture version from here….

If you have one box, then download this version (ie. the one for the Design & Create suites )

Be sure to read the list of enhancements & fixes…..

beta openNURBS plugin for Vasari 2013!

My colleague & all round smart guy Nathan Miller has been at it again, this time he has produced a beta openNURBS plugin for Vasari 2013! Want to know how to get hold of it & have a play? Well you need to install the latest version of the CASE Add-in manager which can be download from here 

If you run up the latest version of the add-in you will find Import openNURBS for Vasari 2013 listed. Make sure you don’t have Revit or Vasari running when you download & install the plugin, that’s very important.


Once install, do a quick machine reboot, then fire up Vasari. You will find a new tab called Case Design Inc, where you will be able to locate the Import OpenNURBS beta plugin.


Next start a new mass family. Then select the Import openNURBS tool, the following dialogue box will appear which will provide various options as well as the ability to load in a Rhino file.


I left everything default. Nathan kindly provided me with an example Rhino file, which I imported. Once you have the file selected, just hit the Import button. It will take few minutes for the file to rebuild, but it does depend on the complexity of the file you are trying to import. After a few minutes this little beauty appeared in Vasari! You can also find more details on Nathans blog. Overall this is looking very positive & will certainly start to improve the interoperability between Rhino & Vasari & Revit.


Friday, October 05, 2012

Latest DesignbyMany challenge



So do you think you are a winner? Well why not check out the latest designbymany competition. Sponsored by Autodesk, the challenge entails designing a modular bus shelter. More detail can be found here…

A pretty heavy weight judging panel as well, including Glenn Katz ,Marcello Sgambellrui & Steve Stafford. Oh yeah, you could even win a copy of Revit LT, not to be sniffed at for a few hours of design thinking. Go for it! I did a few years ago & won a printer. :-)