Friday, February 24, 2012

boonedam – bim objects



Steve Stafford wrote a great article a few months back about quality of content & the fact its like the wild west out there! So this was pinged to me by one of our BIM coordinators this week. boonedam have started to produce Revit content.

These are actually very cool families; they are fully parametric & are of a quality is high, but here are my concerns……

  • Theses families are huge!


  • Level of detail is LOD 400, which is manufacturing detail, I suspect you would need a workset for these alone!
  • There is no control for level of detail, so no difference between course, medium or fine.
  • These are doors, so they schedule as doors, in many cases revolving doors live in curtain walls, so you will have a headache getting these into a cw system.
  • They looked liked hacked families; they may have started as generic models & then been converted to doors, as they is no host wall, so when you place them they are stand alone.


  • Maybe I’m being daft, but do I need all this detail? The label on the glass? Really?


  • You don’t need all the profile information!


  • On a positive note, they render beautifully & contain plenty of data as well as including multiply types.


Hopefully, I haven’t put you off, because as long as you are aware of these limitation, then you will be fine.If you want to try it yourself, make a request on the website.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Design Review Mobile for Android


Autodesk have released Design Review for Android. Features include:-

Expedite the design review process by viewing and redlining design files while in the field or out of the office. Autodesk® Design Review mobile app enables you to review Autodesk 2D and 3D design files directly on your Android Phone or Tablet. View and mark up drawings on the spot, reduce the need to carry around over-sized paper drawings, and enjoy an all-digital design review workflow on your mobile device.


  • Open and view 2D and 3D DWF files from your Autodesk Cloud  documents account
  • Use multi-touch gestures to zoom, pan, and rotate drawings
  • View meta data and other details about elements within your technical drawings


  • Use simple redlining and intuitive mark up tools to communicate changes
  • Add text or comments using familiar callouts