Monday, June 24, 2013

FormIt 4.0

I must be getting slow in my old age….but Autodesk FormiT 4.0 sneaked out the door on the 18th June. Be sure to get it installed if you are a FormIt admirer.

What’s new?

  • Create your own texture-mapped materials using the Photo Library or iPad camera
  • Materials now support transparency
  • Modify colours and transparency with the updated Colour Picker
  • Import geometry from other applications using either SAT or OBJ file formats
  • Explore sun shadows using an updated user interface
  • Send an image to Photo Library or email
  • Resize and apply different materials to arrows
  • Delete an edge on a flat face

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vasari beta 3 is released


Yesterday, Autodesk released Vasari beta 3, more details & the ability to download & install it can be found here…

The traditional Autodesk installer framework has been implemented, rather than the light weight version, so it will take a little longer to install.

You will find plenty of enhancements including support for Windows 8 & Revit 2014 compatibility. If you want a complete overview of all the enhancements, take a look at this…

Its great to see the 2014 displaced view feature made it into Vasari beta 3. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Revit 2013 update release 3

As noted by Steve Stafford & others, update release 3 has been released for Revit 2013. For the specific building design suite version, this can be downloaded from here:-

General platform improvements for this build include:-

Improves stability when using Hardware Acceleration, Graphics Mode.
Improves stability when opening projects which utilize Extensible Storage.
Improves visual fidelity between canvas and printed output.
Improves visual fidelity of hidden lines, MEP pipe centerlines and haloed gaps when not using Hardware Acceleration, Graphics Mode.
Improves Structural family data integrity during upgrade of project.
Improves data integrity when canceling Save As operation.
Improves interaction between Revit Server 2013 and Riverbed compression.
Enables users to browse Revit Server Networks when a bound workstation cannot contact the Domain Controller.