Monday, March 14, 2011

Collecting packaging

I’ve read it somewhere that there are people who collect packaging…much like people who collect say Star Wars toys or model trains; people also collect things like old cereal packages and coke cans. Weird….anyway, in the early days of Revit I started collecting old Revit installation CD / DVD packages. I recently found a version or Revit 4.1 to add to my collection! (pre-Autodesk) Mind you I am sure there are some out there who will have versions older than 4.1.

IMAG0183Sadly my collection hit a barrier when I went to work for the reseller as we didn’t get our software sent on media; instead it was downloaded from a secret Autodesk media website. :-) But then my media collection was always destined to meet a rapid end when Autodesk moved from supplying media to internet based distribution. Shame really, as my collection will go no further than Revit 9.1.

2011-03-13 11.09.46


Chirag Dedhia said...

We do have packaging of the latter versions of Revit, since in India Autodesk does supply media, atleast so far till v2011

cadalot said...

Hi David

I have a Revit 2.01

Rob said...

i've got a 3.1 box... found it when our outgoing IT guy was cleaning up his 13yrs worth of junk.. but this, this is no junk, it's classic!