Thursday, March 31, 2011

Size isn’t everything

I am currently building some title blocks for one of our clients. I had just completed the A1 sheets and everything was going swimmingly….next up A0 sheet. Let me explain my process; I always use the out of the box title block templates…import a DWG, as often you are just recreating a DWG variants in Revit. Then I trace over the imported DWG add linework, parameters, logos etc. Then I copy to clip board, start yet another new template and paste in what I previously create. The reason being is I don’t want all the embedded DWG “stuff” sneaking its way into my spanking new title block.


Anyway, the point of this post is when I got to the A0 out of the box template I noticed a minor error.  So the ISO A0 size is 1189 x 841 right? The out of the box Revit A0 template is 1190 x 840…..ok 1mm is 1mm and its only small, but this really is a genuine mistake. Lets hope this is sorted for RAC 2012.


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