Thursday, May 24, 2012

IMAGINiT release new version of IMAGINiT Clarity

IMAGINiT Technologies division has released IMAGINiT Clarity and IMAGINiT Clarity LT for Autodesk Revit Server 2013 software. Designed to enhance the Revit Server platform, this web-based solution offers new and enriched features – all while supporting side-by-side installations of Autodesk Revit 2013 and 2012. Internal team members and external partners can dramatically improve project collaboration, automate repetitive tasks, and provide valuable data to non-Revit users with simple setup, easy administration and secure connectivity.

Architecture, engineering, and construction firms with multiple offices and multiple partners are now able to securely share a centrally hosted Revit 2012 or 2013 BIM model securely. New features enhance collaboration and significantly cut both time and resources required to complete essential tasks.


Secure Building Information Models

The new version of IMAGINiT Clarity helps minimize risk of downtime by supporting the ability to host different BIM projects on multiple central host servers. This optional mesh configuration eliminates the single point of failure issue by distributing different projects across multiple servers and also provides load balancing ability for users, projects, regional pipelines and servers.

IMAGINiT Clarity’s central dashboard makes management easy with the ability to view, manage and monitor all of the central host servers as well as local accelerator servers without having to log into each of them separately.


Distributed Task Servers

To ensure the host servers are focused on critical functions, the automation of tasks can now be assigned and scheduled to other servers and/or workstations. The new version of Clarity allows specific hardware to conduct mundane tasks while freeing up the mission critical servers and staff to undertake higher value tasks.

To share model data with people who don’t use Revit, IMAGINiT Clarity also provides more export options when transforming model data into file formats. In addition to PDF, DWF, Data Export and Image Export file formats, IMAGINiT Clarity can now also automatically generate both DWG and IFC files.


Easy Administration

IMAGINiT Clarity’s dashboard graphically displays the real-time network health of all central and local servers and activity for all BIM projects. The dashboard also provides alerts as they arise such as Model Locks, bandwith or connectivity errors, assisting the administrator to both pinpoint concerns and quickly correct the issue. Additional enhancements with this release include extending the integration and synchronization of Active Directory to virtually eliminate additional IT management required for setting up or managing user and permissions within IMAGINiT Clarity.

New LT Edition

Organizations of many sizes can benefit from Clarity, but not all need the entire package. Seeing this need, IMAGINiT created Clarity LT which helps organizations looking to get started with project sharing and security. Limited to 2 active projects and 25 users, Clarity LT has the same overall capabilities of IMAGINiT Clarity

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