Thursday, May 24, 2012

i-model plugin for Revit

So Bentley provide a i-model plugin for Revit. Details can be found here.


So on the face of it, this sounds cool if you are say an Structural Engineer or MEP Engineer using Revit & collaboration with an Architect using Bentley tools, but it ain’t much good if its the other way around from my experience.

imageWe have a very complex project where we would have ideally liked to have linked in the Structural Engineers Bentley Structural Model & the facade Architects Microstation model into separate Revit models which we could then link into our main model. IFC I hear you shout! Well good luck with that, as its been a nightmare to get that to work. I will apportion some of the blame to both Autodesk & Bentley for not getting their act together to address the IFC disorder. Although, I have to say Revit 2013 IFC is way better than previous releases, but as this project must remain in Revit 2012 & most of the modelling is now complete, I’m not going to worry about it now. All I can say, is thank goodness for Navisworks! :-)

So the point of the post? People ask my; sorry! people tell me, that I have sold my soul to Autodesk Revit machine. That really isn’t the case, trust me. But right now due to limitations in interoperability I find it preferably to work on the same technology platform. Lets hope the holy grail of IFC does one day allow us to deliver robust data between technology platforms.


cobus said...

...and get iModel plugin for Adobe and view Revit/Microstation 3d models in Acrobat...

C said...

Ignoring interoperability, using the i-model plugin to publish a non editable 3D model for viewing on smart phones / tablets is much better than using design review