Friday, May 07, 2010

Revit and Newforma

HOK are big users of Newforma. If you are looking for a document management system which seamlessly fits into workflow with no disruption to your existing processes  you need to checkout Newforma. People often ask me about Newforma, “Why is it so special, what does it off that other systems don’t already provide"?” To be honest I could write a book on what it provides, but one thing is for sure, it does exactly what it says on the tin. That’s its beauty.

When I worked for an Autodesk reseller I got to see many different document management systems. My general opinion was that most where geared towards a manufacturing / engineering. The AEC industry is different and whilst it may seem to make sense that some of these system could work or be adapted, their rigid nature just didn’t allow them to work very efficiently in a AEC firm. So if you either already using Newforma are interested in what it has to offer obviously checkout the Newforma website, but also read this article on AECbytes which explains how PCS Structural Solutions are using Revit Structure and Newforma together.

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Dave Baldacchino said...

I love Newforma and have been using it since design and now into CA for about 8 months on a project. I love being able to associate emails to RFIs and Submittals to keep track of discussions. And I've gotten used to sending emails straight from it so they're associated right there automatically. An underused feature is probably the Action Items. I've started toying with them recently and plan on using them heavily during the documentation phase in the future.