Friday, May 21, 2010

How did I miss this blog?


A slap wrist for me! With so much going on in the blogger sphere I haven’t a clue how I missed out on this blog, but be sure to check our Peter McCarthy’s blog, especially for those that say Revit can’t detail! Peter does a great job and changing that urban myth!

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danielgijsbers said...

Hi David,

I have been following your blogs for a while. I liked your april first blog. I missed out on the date so I was rather happy when I read the 'news'. Later a colleague told me to check the date....

Anyways could you have a look at my blog. It's my first and a bit long. It's about the bridgemodeler. It's goal is to find out whether it can be used and what are the problems you run into.

Please have a look and drop a line if you have some time.

kind regards