Friday, November 16, 2012

Can’t schedule wall level constraint

One really annoying thing you can’t do in Revit is the ability to schedule a wall & know its wall constraint. What is more frustrating is that the wall constraint is exposed in the API, so tools like Ideate BIM link will allow you to pick up the constrain & schedule this.


Manually, you can get around this by assigning a family parameter within the fields section of a wall schedule. Give it a name, something like “level location”. You will need to manually enter text by switching to a each plan view & select all instances of the wall type, or using the filter function to select all the walls across each view. It should not be too time consuming, but could be problematic with groups, but it does require you to follow the process carefully.


However,  with my good friend & colleague Don is cooking something up which should make this whole process a lot easier. When its ready we will let you know.


B said...

Use DBLink... In the past few estimating/qto projects at my customers we solved this by exporting the whole DB to Access and got all the informations we need.

Gonçalo Craveiro Feio said...

I use something like:

element.get_Parameter("My Base Constraint").Setparameter(BuiltInParameter.WALL_BASE_CONSTRAINT);

The other parameters are just and adaptation.

Cem said...

I was doing the same thing adding comments to walls. Or creating different wall types for each level. But a plugin would be great if we could see the base level of a wall.

Erik said...

Anxiously awaiting... ;)