Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Pumpkin wins a prize!


My thanks goes to Zach Kron at Buildz blog for running the inaugural pumpkin modelling competition! My modelling effort managed me a first in the “good” category and my collegue William  managed a first in the “mostest parametric” category, with his stunning Grasshopper Rhino pumpkin, a big UP for the HOK boys!

It was certainly a good laugh, but for me its actually a great learning exercise, because you can push the tools of your trade in a direction which you wouldn’t normally get a chance to do. This will reap benefits when you come to have to create something on a real project, not that you will see many pumpkins in my projects! :-)


I had to jump through a few hoops to get to the end solution, but I applied a bit of Revit purist approach to solving the problem, which you can view in this video. Enjoy and I hope it inspires.


Tatjana Dzambazova said...

David brother, you are killing me! :)

Unknown said...

Hi! that was great.. I was wondering if you know another way to make openings on a curved wall or edit its profile different from void forms, thanks!

RobL said...

The dimensions look like the Jack O'Lantern could be Cinderella's Coach. If the family accepts smaller dimensions, would you be able to use it to "decorate" a Halloween rendering?