Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Revit 2009 and 64bit

I've been asked a couple of times already whether there is a 64bit version of Revit 2009. As it standards the answer is "no". You will find this posted on Autodesk's support web pages which confirms this....


However, Revit 2009 products will happily run on 64bit operating systems such as XP64 and Vista 64, thus making use of as much RAM as you can fit in your machine! I have just taken possession of HP workstation with a 3ghz dual core 2 processor, fx370 graphics card, a stripped 500gig Sata hard drive, 8gigs of RAM and Vista 64bit business installed. Once I've got it up and running and Revit is installed, I'll share my experiences.


coreed said...

i too am in the process of getting a system with 64-bit vista and 8gig of ram. looking forward to hearing what your results are.

Spinnacre said...

Just as a correction, the maximum amount of RAM that any one session of 32-bit software can use in a 64-bit environment is somewhere between 3.5-4GB. That said, you can have as many sessions (experienced as separate program windows) as you have RAM to support, each running up to 3.5-4GB of RAM.
I've been using all three Revit Suites on Vista x64 (Ultimate) with 8GB on RAM installed for one year and can absolutely verify that after about 3.5GB of RAM use, that session of Revit will start having problems and will soon get and "unhandled exception" error and close immediately (no chance to save). Before it crashes, you will usually get black screens in the modelling windows which can only sometimes be recovered temporarily (time for a save).
Currently, this is the primary limitation to effectively implementing BIM in the AEC industry, especially in construction (my field) where we must often load and use 5-7 Revit models simultaneously (ASMEPF+Federated models). A truly 64-bit Revit architecture will be limited to ~16EB (16,000,000 GB) of RAM... that gives us some growing room and you'll see some serious BIMing!

Unknown said...

Realise that this is an older post, but there is now a 64bit version of Revit 2009 - Officially you have to get it from the subscription site, although my reseller provided me a copy on a USB stick.
As yet I haven't noticed a significant performance change (I'm running XP 64 with only 4G of ram)