Sunday, April 06, 2014

Faster….Faster…..Revit 2015

train motion blur

As I noted in my previous blog post about Revit 2015, it has got faster. It feels faster to use, which is very welcomed. These are the performance enhancements suggested, but not actively highlighted.

First speed enhancement; Faster drawing of elements in views. What they have done according to what I have read & experienced is that Revit now amalgamates the drawing process so that elements are drawn in larger collections to enhance overall performance. The example that was explained to me was when you draw say 100 walls, Revit would require 200 drawing calls. In Revit 2015 it now draws the same walls using only 2 drawing calls. The overall impact of this is that redraws are substantially faster & it also makes the navigation of views faster.

Second speed improvement is that you also get Faster selection Graphics; what does this mean? Now, if you were to select a large number of elements in your model, Revit 2015 uses a new process for displaying the selected elements. Again, the outcome is improved overall performance for displaying the selected elements.

Thirdly, improved performance in MEP views. Not being an MEP user myself, it has been known for sometime that Revit MEP has been laggy, especially on large datasets. SO in Revit 2015, the underlying technologies used to display MEP components in view has been enhanced, resulting in improved performance when opening & closing & working in views. From my experience, whilst not exactly scientific, I would concur with these points. It does indeed feel & perform better. This can only add to the overall user experience. I am sure we will see more of this subtle, but essential framework performance improvements going forward.

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