Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mastering Revit Architecture 2014


imageI get asked all the time by Revit newbies to recommend a Revit book for learning. A quick look at Amazon & you will find loads of them! Now in my humble opinion the kind pin for everything to do with Revit Architecture, as a complete Bible, has & will to some extent always be the Mastering series from Wiley. It was the original must have book for Revit & I certainly believe it still holds that crown. I was fortunate enough to be invited by James, Eddie & Phil towards the end of last year to be part of the 2014 book & I was given the task of acting as the technical editor to the content. The 2014 version of the book was released in June & has been refreshed to align with current BIM trends. The book also acts as a great companion reference if you plan to study for the certified Autodesk Revit accreditation program. More details can be found on the Wiley website as well as Amazon.

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Unknown said...

I whole hearty agree! Ive been buying both the beginner and Mastering versions for revit since 2012. ive gotten to the point where i know more than my own professor who taught me Revit. These books are a must have for anyone using revit. Ill occasionally reference back to the mastering book when i come across something that the book covered. I highly recommend the Revit books from Wiley.