Monday, March 19, 2012

Panic in the streets of London!

Any Smiths fan will recognise this line ;-)… one of our BIM coordinators contacted me today. Panic! “Something weird is happen with all our filled regions! They were correct, now they are masking everything! They are set to transparent, but they still don’t display correctly”….so they wanted them to display like this…


They are displaying like this on all our sheet views! What the hell? We just can’t afford to have this sort of thing happen, we have a major deadline.”


Not sure why this is happening, as the filled region is indeed set transparent. It seems like it got confused between the 2 settings of transparent & opaque in the filled region type properties. I am positive I have seen this issue before. Anyway, some further investigation & I noted the view was set to wireframe. Change back to hidden line & the problem was “Panic” over, now its time to hang the DJ.


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Nick said...

I ran across something similar and discovered it was a video card issue. Turning off Hardware acceleration solved the problem. Basically it was transparent on some computers but other computers would see it as opaque.

Just throwing that option out there for others who have run into this. Kind of frustrating...