Friday, February 24, 2012

boonedam – bim objects



Steve Stafford wrote a great article a few months back about quality of content & the fact its like the wild west out there! So this was pinged to me by one of our BIM coordinators this week. boonedam have started to produce Revit content.

These are actually very cool families; they are fully parametric & are of a quality is high, but here are my concerns……

  • Theses families are huge!


  • Level of detail is LOD 400, which is manufacturing detail, I suspect you would need a workset for these alone!
  • There is no control for level of detail, so no difference between course, medium or fine.
  • These are doors, so they schedule as doors, in many cases revolving doors live in curtain walls, so you will have a headache getting these into a cw system.
  • They looked liked hacked families; they may have started as generic models & then been converted to doors, as they is no host wall, so when you place them they are stand alone.


  • Maybe I’m being daft, but do I need all this detail? The label on the glass? Really?


  • You don’t need all the profile information!


  • On a positive note, they render beautifully & contain plenty of data as well as including multiply types.


Hopefully, I haven’t put you off, because as long as you are aware of these limitation, then you will be fine.If you want to try it yourself, make a request on the website.


Aaron Maller said...

That thing is brutal! Our Revolving door is 1.1 MB. It uses our panels, schedules, and goes in Curtain Walls fine. Its *certainly* not modeled as profile extrusions of Aluminum shapes, but in my opinion thats nuts.

Can i BIM it? said...

These models are awesomwe!
Yes, they are heavy but thats because all the types from BE are in the same model.
Just choose the type you want, deleten the extra data and resave the model.
You want it in a CW? ... just put the model in a cw panel family, no problem there.
Nice to see that some manufactores put al lot of effort making such models.

Andy Milburn said...

All very true of course ... BUT ... are we going to continue forever each making our own families , or are we going to engage manufacturers who are trying to reach out to us with Revit content and help them to become part of the solution? Ultimately this thing doesn't belong to "us the design community" but to the whole industry, and we need to find ways of sharing and exchanging content in a much more dynamic way.

Unknown said...

Andy, I see what you are trying to say, but I think you may have missed what I was trying to achieve. By publishing that their are indeed shortfalls, I managed to get a meeting with booedam last week & I was able to advise on what we actually need. This has in turn has manifested itself into them presenting at the next london revit user group as they can crowd source even more industry opinion & feedback, not just mine. Trust me, i really don't want to be building families, I continue to encourage suppliers to build content for the industry, but it must be fit for purpose & that was my point. They are great for LOD 400 or visualisations, but they just need to refine the families to allow for the true use of the functionality in the family editor of course, medium & fine & they will be complete. I suspect sometimes people think my blog articles are critical, far from it. There is always a strategic motive of why I do what i do. :-)

Andy Milburn said...

Hi Dave
Seems we are on the same page. I have also been engaging with suppliers at every opportunity. For example I just received an enormous collection of materials from the local rep for Nora rubber flooring. Making families is fun, but sharing them is even better, and I think we have a lot to learn about how consultants, suppliers and contractors can interact in a BIM environment. I look forward to the day when reps come into the office and fire up Revit to talk you through their product line. Then maybe they will need a day or two to customise families based on these discussions and upload them to a cloud location where you can continue to interact.

Rahul Shah said...

I wish Revit introduces "shrink wrap" feature like Inventor Or Catia Or any other high end parametric tools.
This LOD problem between manufacturers and architects will be then solved by manufaturers building 1:1 LOD families for "Manufacturer's BIM" and then export them as shrink wrap families for "Designer's BIM".