Monday, September 26, 2011

Autodesk Design Review Mobile


With the advent of portable mobile technologies such as we Iphone & the Ipad Autodesk Users have been jumping up & down with anticipation for a mobile DWF viewer. Whilst AutoCAD WS was the first mobile cloud technology from Autodesk for true design review collaboration, this really wasn’t gonna cut it for the Revit User. So finally Autodesk sneaked Autodesk Design Review Mobile up onto the Apple App Store yesterday! Hurry for common sense! :-)


You publish your documents to a Autodesk Cloud account where they can then be downloaded to your Ipad or Iphone via the Autodesk Design Review app. Once onto your I-OS device, you can review any multi-page DWF. There is a basic information panel which includes the ability view properties, views, control layers & mark-ups. A simple double arrow allows you to navigate through the various DWF sheets.You can add text mark-ups & callout boxes mark-ups which get saved to the DWF.I haven’t tried it, but one would assume you could publish a DWF from Revit. Send it to a cloud account, download to a Ipad, Iphone, Ipod touch, add mark ups & pass those mark-ups as overlays in Revit. 3d DWFs can be navigated with one or two fingers using the typical pan & zoom functionalities associated with the I-OS.

2011-09-26 08.25.46

At present the functionality looks limited, for instance you can’t control the graphic look & feel in 3d views or perspectives. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a magic marker sketch tool, but these are early days. However, these are really early days & I am sure it will come. So if you have an I-OS device, what are you waiting for? Get connected, go to the Apple App store & download Autodesk Design Review Mobile. Suddenly you will have a reason to use your Ipad for more than just Angry Birds. :-)


Rob said...

haven't used it yet, but can it be done without loading it to the cloud? can it not be done locally?

Rob said...

been playing with it the last 10-15 minutes now. BRILLIANT, just can't find (if it's there yet) the ability to turn off elements in 3D. I can see their properties, just can't turn them off/hide them.

other then that, a GREAT start!

Andy Milburn said...

I downloaded BIMx (for Archicad) yesterday, it works on a windows laptop. Don't have an Ipad. If only Revit models looked like Revit models when they come into Design Review. We have been using Design Review in design team workshops, but the graphics are disappointing and it could be more user-friendly. BIMx has a variety of visualisation modes and navigation is quick to learn. I'm hoping, like David, that this new App from Autodesk is a glimpse of a brighter future and a really effective Design Review for Revit.

Nathan Reasons said...

Hopefully we see this for Android soon...?

Wim Tas said...

When can we expect support for Android?

CAio said...

I use android.