Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Revit 2012 – position the type selector

One of the nice features when Autodesk switched to to the Ribbon interface with Revit 2010 was the ability to have the Type Selector positioned in the Ribbon. Whilst, I would agree it took up valuable screen real estate, it was useful to have instant access to to all the Types of a particular element, such as all Wall Types, when accessing the Modify Tool. With Revit 2011, the type selector within the Ribbon was stolen from us, as it migrated its way to the Properties Palette. Whilst this was probably a good move in the long run, what if you wanted access to choose a new Wall Type and yet you didn’t have the Properties Palette open? No Properties Palette, no Type selector!

Therefore with Revit 2012, the type selector in the ribbon is back! So how do you position the Type selector back into the Ribbon? Start by opening up the Properties Palette. (PP – keyboard shortcut)


Next right mouse click over the type selector in the Properties Palette.


A drop down menu will appear, where you can choose to either add the Type Selector to the Quick Access Tool Bar (QAT) or add to the Ribbon Modify Tab.

Choose Add to Ribbon Modify Tab.


Now when you select say the Wall tool, the various different Wall Types can be instantly accessed from the Type Selector position in the Ribbon.

Need to remove the Type Selector from the Ribbon? Just Right Mouse click on the Type Selector and choose Remove from Ribbon Modify Tab.


After writing this post on the train this morning; I noticed that Erik over at Inside the Factory also did a technical low down on the Type selector Improvements, which goes into a bit more depth.

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