Friday, April 08, 2011

Boston 2011–Autodesk Media Event

I thought I’d wrap this week by sharing a few photos from the Autodesk Media trip and some comment. It was a great trip and I would like to extend my thanks to Dave Mills, Bruce Finch and many others who in many cases went beyond the call of duty. It was good to see so many friends and contacts from the world I immerse myself in.

The event itself was enlightening and to some extent a little depressing at the same time. Not that there was anything wrong with what Autodesk showed, in fact there is some great work being undertaken using Autodesk technology; more that BIM still has a long way to go.There are firms that are pushing it very hard, but the industry as a whole still needs a serious kick up the arse. So when will it change? hmmmm I’m not too sure. I spoke with a number of journalists who attended the event who write for architectural and new media magazines. They where all extremely impressed and maybe their message will get out to the masses who continue to put there heads in the sand.

There is a cost to implementing BIM, but then there was a cost when you shifted from the drawing board to CAD; funny how conveniently people forget this! The world has changed, the global downturn should be forcing firms to look at new ways of working and being more efficient. The technology exists now; whilst I write this, I am sat in a train carriage where there are more people readying from mobile devices than from a newspaper. That in itself should show the technology shift. So AEC UK community, get with the picture!

2011-04-03 07.09.41

The Copley Plaza Hotel built in 1912 is well worth staying at if you ever get to Boston. Its a great location….thank you Mr Finch!

2011-04-03 09.14.33The monument at Bunker Hill.2011-04-04 19.41.33This must be the most photographed office on the planet!!!

2011-04-05 14.59.03

The tweet war begins; my screen in the foreground, Steve Staffords in the background to the right.

2011-04-05 20.16.20

Mr Stafford tucking into his dinner at the top of the Prudential Tower, notice the UFO hovering over his head.After dark these strange space craft could be seen hovering above the city.

2011-04-05 22.26.09

Martyn Day of AEC magazine kicks off a game of BIM jenga; the new party game for the AEC industry!

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