Wednesday, October 06, 2010

And the race is on….

When I was in Boston, Steve Stafford pointed me in the direction of Google Reader. He explained that this can be useful as it gives you some idea of how many people subscribe to your blog. Now Steve is a regular blogger as we all know and his approach to blogging is to provide an article which takes up no longer than 5 minutes a day of somebodies time. This I believe is a great approach, the average person has the attention span of about 15 to 20 minutes. So short sharp to the point articles are a great idea and is probably the way most people learn. Anyway…..Steve stats for his blog currently are….


What was a complete amazement to me was that I’m not far behind the Revit Blogger Master,  however Steve is the original and is more prolific in his articles, where he leads, others follow. ; – )


Anyway, I’m glade those that read my blog find it useful????

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The Revit Kid said...

Create an account on feed burner and you can see all kinds of information about subscribers and create an email subscription... The Revit Kid is currently at 1700 subscribers ;) can join the race?