Friday, April 16, 2010

So Revit Architecture 2011 is finally here


As noted yesterday, RAC 2011 is available for download from the subscription Centre. Its a fairly heavy download, all 2.6 gigs worth of it, but its worth the wait!!

It can also be downloaded from the Autodesk website

After all of the excitement of the trip to the Autodesks Offices in Waltham last week, I got a rather nasty flu bug which was knocked me out for the last 6 days! Mind you, if Autodesk had decided to hold the event this week, I would have been stuck in New York as the UK is currently a no fly zone. This is due to a Volcano in Iceland spitting out ash into the atmosphere and this has drifted into the UK airspace. Aeroplanes and Volcanic ash don’t seem to make a good mix!


I’ve been helping James Vandezande on a section on concept curtain walling for the forthcoming “Mastering Revit Architecture 2011” he, Phil Read and Eddie C are working on. I managed to get the draft over to James on Thursday after some initial edits. I believe its been forwarded to the technical editor to pull part! I’ve seen some of the sections and I reckon it will be an awesome book when its finally published. Get your Amazon orders in now!


Anonymous said...

though i enjoy seeing that house again, i find it funny that no one noticed the wall going RIGHT-THROUGH the stairs.. lol..

Unknown said...

never thought that the stairs stopped there and that, that is a safety door?