Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LRUG (London)

What the hell is “LRUG” you may ask? Well LRUG is short for London Revit User Group. Not more Rugs!!!! Unlike the US, the UK has always had a bit of a problem getting User Groups off the ground. They start, then run into allsorts of issues with funding, politics, goals etc etc. Been there, done that. So a couple of months ago I reopened a thread about a need for a UK group driven by users on Linkedin. It went along the lines; If I managed to get a room and a projector and every body threw in five quid for a beer and pizza, how many would actually turn up? The overall response from everybody was that it sounded like a bargain. So off the back of this, the LRUG was born. With the help of Carl Collins of Arup Associates and Alan Woolridge of Scott White Hookins and  Revit Learning Curve fame; we now have a London User Group. We are even organised enough to have a web site! wow! For more details go to……


The group plans to start smallish and hopefully grow into something which is sustainable….often these groups fall apart after a few meetings. But I (we) are keen that this group can grow and flourish. It has no secret agendas, it is trying to go back to grass roots; a group for users to share knowledge and learn from one another across all disciplines of Revit. We have been speaking with AUGI in the UK, so hopefully we will get some support from these guys. Whilst internet forums are a good place to share knowledge and learn from others, sometimes there is nothing like a warm beer and a dodgy pizza and face to face conversation to share your Revit tales. The first meeting is today 17th March 2010, this will be hosted by Arup Associates in London.

What I’m also hearing, is that a user group called BIM up North for northern UK users is in process of being formed as well as a Scottish user group. So 2010 could be the year of the Revit user group for the UK! :-)


James Van said...

Hey David, nice job! Let me know if you need any tips from my RUG. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Same day I contacted AUGI about setting up a NE chapter - wierd timing...! If you find out who in the north is looking to do the same, please put me in touch and we'll see what we can do...

Steve said...

Glad to hear it David, good work to all. I hope it proves rewarding, they usually do!

Andydob said...


I am based in Sheffield and interested in a northern chapter. I also work in London on occasion so may be interested in coming to one of your meetings if it is ok.

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew,

More then welcome to attend when you are in London. Sign up at LRUG website and this will let you know when future events will be held. We are limiting the attendance to one person from each company at the moment, but depending on take up we have ideas for a larger event at least once a year.

Unknown said...

Hi David
I work for Waitrose as the General
Manager of Feasibility Development
of our new stores and extensions and
I would be really interested in
attending one of your User Groups
if that's ok
We have begun to use Revit for our
new store designs through B+R Architects
Who are members of LRUG.
I might even bring some Waitrose lager!
Let me know


Martin Hitchcock