Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sun VirtualBox

I found this little gem before Christmas. I have been running Virtual PC for Windows for the last 12 months using it to test and try alpha and beta software. It was OK, but I found it a little slow especially in relationship to graphics. I could have gone down the route of Virtual Machine such as Parallels, but then it would required me to get my credit card out and its not something I use all the time on my works laptop.So a bit of Googling and I came up with Sun’s VirtualBox, although I am sure there are others out there as well. This is a free VM, details can be found here;

I found it very easy to setup and within an hour or so I had it working with Windows 7 (64bit) with a Windows Vista (32bit) VM running.


The VM supports Direct X and OpenGL as well as the ability to connect USB devices.It seems to offer many of the features that Parrallels has to offer and it is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux. How bizarre would that be…to run Linux as your, host with a Windows VM running Revit???? So if you are looking for a free VM, its certainly worth trying out.



Unknown said...

Main question, did you ran Revit 2010?

deesee said...

How is Revit's performance under VirtualBox? I use Parallels, but often switch to Boot Camp because Revit is just faster there.

Unknown said...

Peformance is good, but not brilliant. If you are looking for full on performance Boot Camp is probably a better options.....did I run Revit 2010? no Revit 2010+1. :-)