Monday, September 07, 2009

More SAT fun - 3dsmax 2010 to Revit 2010

I have been experimenting with the SAT export from 3dsmax 2010 a bit more and thought I'd share these images with you, haven't a clue what they are!!! :-) The following where formed by.... A Geosphere hemisphere created in 3dsmax 2010 > exported as a SAT > imported into Revit concept mass family > each face sub-divided > curtain pattern panel family added to each sub-divided face > loaded into project environment and rendered using Zach Krons soft shadow technic.




Zach Kron said...

Whoa, so you made a divided surface on each triangular face of the sphere? And then set each face to be a 1x2 division and applied a single panel to each? Scarey.

Unknown said...

Yep...thats right a single divided on each face.....than each face divided 1x2 and a panel applied.... :-)