Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back after a short technical delay

A short delay after trying to use MS word 2007 to publish to my blog!!! Its good, but has issues with uploading images, so I have dropped this and am back to good old Windows live writer. However, Windows live writer will not run under windows xp64! So the workaround was download virtual PC 7, which is a free download from the Microsoft web site, then install this on windows xp 64. Then create a virtual machine running Vista 32 and then run Live writer from there. Amazingly this works really well.

Also, just a reminder to those that have my blog highlighted under reseller status, if you want you can move this to user status. :-)


Gregory Arkin said...

I saw the blog feature in Word never used it. So after seeing your post, I decided to try it and beat the system for images.

I tried the following:

None of them worked. Maybe you can finish the puzzle.
Maybe the source and upload urls have to be different.

I thought I was so close. Since I just wasted 42 minutes on that, I'm giving up for the moment.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Hey David, only recently have I started using Live Writer (came with Live Messenger) and I love it. I'm running it under Vista Business 64 with no issues. I can also post to our internal blogs on Sharepoint and it uploads images there and to blogger (actually Picasa web) automatically. Wish I discovered it earlier! It's a godsend for Sharepoint as you actually have to upload pictures in a separate place and then link to your post manually, but Live Writer has made this feel just like typing and formatting images in an email or a document in Word and publishing it in a matter of seconds.