Thursday, August 28, 2008

IES plugin for Sketchup

IES have released a plugin that allows Sketchup direct access to all the IES tools including the Free VE-ware, VE toolkits as well as the full <Virtual Environment>.


Interestingly this is compatible with both the free and pro versions of Sketchup. This is obviously an interesting move on IES's part as they are looking to drag the average architect who may not be using a BIM tool forward, by enabling environmental analysis directly from Sketchup. This is great news for the shift towards environmental design, but I doubt it will really concern the Revit user that much and does really help the whole BIM process. Although Sketchup may be good at the concept design, those that have learned to master Revit's massing tools will see more benefit by going direct to IES and cutting out the middle man. But that's just my view.

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