Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Revit MEP 2008 project upgrade, suddenly spaces appear

I discovered something strange today. I opened up a Revit MEP 2008 file into Revit Architecture 2009 and on completion of the project upgrade I found that as well as having rooms in the models, I also had the new Revit MEP 2009 spaces included! Now I hadn't expected this to happen, so I open the same file in Revit MEP 2009 and on completion of the project upgrade the model that also included the original rooms as well as the new space objects. I then started a new Revit MEP 2008 project from scratch and added some rooms and did the same exercise of opening the file in RAC 2009 as well as MEP 2009. This time, no space objects! Weird.....


So I went back to the 2008 version and checked all my area and volume settings were set correctly. Everything was fine. What I then remembered was that I had run an IES heating and coolings load calculation on the model even though I hadn't saved the reports that IES had created. So to test this I created a new model in MEP 2008, added some rooms and ran a heating and cooling loads report. I then opened the model in Revit Architecture as well as Revit MEP 2009 and hey presto "spaces" as well as "rooms".

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