Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Archicad gets multi-core support

Respect to the Archicad team for making the product support multi-core processors!!!!

Not that I'm a big Archicad fan, I personally found it a rather awkward application to drive, I'm sure that others with argue against this. :-) But the point I'm trying to highlight here is that the product can now support the lastest fastest multi-core processors on both the PC and MAC platform!! Common on Autodesk, we need the whole of Revit to use the "might" of our hardware not just the rendering engine.


Unknown said...

Hello David,
2 years after you wrote your article, REVIT unfortunately has still no multicore solution.
How do you guys at HOK approach the problem REVIT causes with its single core architecture?
We think about buying extrem workstations with overclocked processors, but I am not sure, if that is the solution..
Is there anything in sight to be able to farm in the future?


Gottfried ( RLF Orlando,Fl)

Unknown said...

Hi, we purchase dell workstations and we have recently started purchasing quad core laptops, Dell M4500. Recent versions of Revit are making use of some multi-threading capabilities and whilst I still believe it will be a few releases yet before its goes completely, we are seeing benefits now. Not huge, but without doubt having multi core architecture is generally helping and is recommended by autodesk, check the recommended spec. At the end of the day, there is a perception that Revit is slow, but if you look at what it is doing in the background compared with a traditional 2d cad environment it is doing this reasonably fast. However, like all things it could always do it quicker. For your reference our current Dell Precision workstation spec is a T3500, 12 to 16gigs RAM, win 7 64bit, fx 580 graphics card, xeon 2.8ghz