Monday, April 07, 2008

A Room with a View – Room enhancements in Revit Architecture 2009

The Room functionality has undergone numerous enhancements within Autodesk Revit Architecture 2009. Here are just a few highlights.....

We can finally use the colour scheme tool in section and elevation views. It works the same as in plan views allowing you to assign a colour scheme to the view. The colour fill will extend to the boundary shown when the room is selected. One point to watch is when you place your colour scheme legend, if the rooms do not fill with colour, the chances are that you will need to check you have Areas and Volumes enabled in the Area and Volumes Computations settings.

You can finally select rooms in a section view!!! Hooray!!! Anybody who has had to go through the pains of fault finding why rooms are not closing correctly in a project or even modelling your building for analysis purposes are going to just love this improvement!!! Just select the room in section and you will see drag control arrows at the top and bottom extents of the room, which allow you to drag the room property extents.

The Tag all not Tagged tools now allows you to automatically tag rooms and areas in 2d views, exactly the same way you can with doors or windows.

Another potential gotcha is that if you delete a room from a view, unlike the previous version of Revit Architecture, the room still remains in the database! If you create a room schedule it will highlight rooms which haven't been placed. If you want to completely remove the room from the project you will need to delete the room from a room schedule.

Finally ,another little gem is the ability for Revit Architecture to “Move Room Tags in All Views after a Room Is Moved”. Sometimes when you are placing rooms and tags you may decide that a room needs to be moved. If you did this in previous versions of Revit Architecture the room tags may be left outside their rooms. In Revit Architecture 2009, the system will offer to move room tags for that room in all views which is very gentlemanly like.


Dave Baldacchino said...

I still don't understand why they didn't make this default behavior. Don't we need to move room tags inside their rooms 100% of the time? So why wait for the user to click another button? I just can't fathom a scenario when you would decide to leave them out and display "?" for the name! Oh well, this is a 1000% better than we we had before, so it's welcome nonetheless. The other great thing is that if someone misses moving the tags, when you select the room, the new review warnings icon shows up on the options bar and offers you the option to move the tags.

Rocky said...

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