Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Boston Day 3

So another early start. Over to the Autodesks offices for a 7.15am breakfast and then straight into the media event.
A full on software "new feature" packed session introducing design suites, new versions, bim 360 and much more. It was really intense! Infact there was so much, it was not easy to keep up. The design suites look to offer users real value, however be aware you can't split the bundle.
After lunch it was onto the typical Aec session. Revit architecture,structure and mep. People have whinged on about limited functionality in arch and structure this year, but I totally disagree, more I see these new versions there is plenty in this release for everybody. Mep also playing serious catchup to it to older siblings; this version is a game change for the Revit bim platform. I would guess the US is a head in Revit mep use, so lets hope use Brits wake up and smell the coffee and start moving on mep adoption.
Autodesk are finally taking the construction space very seriously. With parts and assemblies in Revit 2012 and switchback functionality in Navisworks 2012. I was very impressed and I really linked the ability to link dwfs with the 3d model in Navisworks.
As the afternoon progressed Steve Stafford and I played a game of out tweeting one another, Steve won that one! However, I am learning from the master and between the two of us we totally stomped the twitter airwaves. Hopefully we got the message out to the industry on some of the new toys which will hit your desk very soon.
After the main marketing "stuff" it was a trip by bus to the prudential tower, for an amazing panoramic view of the all of Boston. I am lovin this city!


cadalot said...

"can't split the bundle" are you saying you can't have a network licence version and have two applications open at the same time on the same licence on different PC's?.

The said...

It was very amusing (and of course informative) to watch the tweets flying backwards and forwards last between you and Steve last night. Personally I think it was an even match. Looking forward to round two later!!!
Gary @barleyboy

kona_lm said...

nice blog and some pretty cool pictures