Friday, March 04, 2016

BDP join forces with Nippon Koei

In more exciting news, BDP (Building Design Partnership) have been acquired by Japan's largest engineering  consultancy Nippon Koei. More details can be found here.

I'm proud to be BDP's customer success manager. Exciting times ahead!


The FormIt360 unleashed a wealth of new goodies on us the week. Not only did they release an update version for Ipad Pro, but a Windows version & integration with Dynamo. The release notes are as follows:-

Release Notes: FormIt 360 for Windows

  • Work Offline: No need for an internet connection once your FormIt 360 Pro or Trial is validated
  • Work Online: Connect to the FormIt 360 services like A360 Drive, Insight 360, Real-time Collaboration, Google Maps, and more
  • Touch Mode: Model and navigate with touch-enabled Windows devices using your finger, stylus, mouse and keyboard
  • Dynamo in FormIt: Place and flex scripts from Autodesk Dynamo Studio Learn More
  • Modeling Tools: Shell, Fillet, Mirror, and more
  • Export Options: Export Visible, Export Selected
  • Export File Types: FBX, SAT, DAE, DXF
  • Import Directly: SKP and SAT files can be opened and imported directly to FormIt
  • Visual Styles: Monotone Surfaces for a subtle rendering effect
  • Materials: Paint with the default material to remove material easily
  • Levels: View the area per level
  • Groups Tree View: View your nested groups and select your groups from a tree view
  • Ungroup Options: Ungroup All, Ungroup Model
  • High Resolution Icons: High DPI screens will see high resolution icons with extreme clarity
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize, Import, Export Keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable UI: Add, remove, and relocate toolbars, palettes, then set the UI theme to blue or white

Release Notes: FormIt 360 for iPad and iPad Pro

  • Full support for iPad Pro resolution
  • We now support the Apple Pencil! Sketch more accurately and use pressure to lock into a selected axis
  • Sounds tell you when you are snapped to a point and moving along an axis. These can be disabled in the Settings menu
  • New gestures for undo and redo. Double flick to the left to undo and to the right to redo
  • New monotone surfaces for a subtle visual style
  • Improved performance, reliability, and accuracy in Insight 360 Energy Analysis
  • Improved performance and bug fixes

Release Notes: FormIt 360 for Web

  • Open, Save, Import, and Export files locally: File operations are organized to allow local and A360 Drive access
  • Visual Styles: Monotone Surfaces for a subtle rendering effect
  • Export Options: Export Visible, Export Selected
  • Modeling Tools: Mirror, Offset Edges, Extrude Edges and more are accessible via keyboard shortcuts!
  • Improved performance, reliability, and accuracy in Insight 360 Energy Analysis
  • Improved performance and bug fixes

Release Notes: FormIt 360 for Android

  • Improved performance and bug fixe

 For more detail head over to

This video is pretty cool & shows the FormIt360 working with Dynamo!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Formit Friday!

Join fellow FormIt users or just find out more tomorrow February 19 at 12:30 PM ET for the next installment of FormIt Friday.  The team will talk with Mike Engel, who will recap his highly rated AU class: Bringing the Sketch into the Model—Integrating Sketching into the BIM Process . Register now with this link:   -  Give your AIA number during registration to get 1 Learning Unit. 

HERE is a little teaser of Mike’s process.

You say you want to want to binge watch the past episodes?  Check out our YouTube channel.


I've started playing with Fusion360, whilst I will admit I am very much a novice in this technology, its very exciting, addictive & incredible easy to pick up. In fact, if you understand some of the principles of family editing you will pick it up in no time. I'm interested to see whether Fusion360 can ultimately sit within a BIM workflow, whether that's design or fabrication. This is my personal interest. So  once I have something more interesting to show I'll report back. oh btw...did I say you can run it on a mac! :-)


Not particularly BIMie, but ultimately extremely cool technology, take a look at Project Monolith. Its a free technology preview of a voxel-based modeling engine for multimaterial 3D printing. If you want to get involved sign up here.{E0AAC560-15FC-41DB-9D82-576293FE49F7}

This video is pretty cool & will also give you some insight.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Improving your skills

Ok, so this is not necessarily directly BIM or Revit related, however, I thought I'd share this website with you. If you are trying to drive BIM through your organisation you are going to need different skills which consider leadership, communication and strategic approaches. Its more than just being good at using & teaching the technology or being the go to person to answer Revit or BIM problems. By its very nature if you have nailed your name to the BIM flag pole you are going to need as much support as possible & sometimes its more than just a BIM seminar.

The Mindtools website has some excellent articles & resources which I believe will help you on your quest. I started my career on the drawing board & I never lose sight of that. However, some how I was drawn by new technologies which can drive better outcomes moving from 2d CAD, 3d CAD, Revit & then BIM.  I didn't do any fancy MBA to build my skills, but through research and continued on the job learning I have built a far wider set of skills, some which are described on the Mindtools website. I personally believe being adaptable is crucial to a successful career. Also, being able to transcend between technology, management & strategic approaches is a very useful asset as well. Hopefully you will find it a useful resource.