Monday, February 08, 2016

COBie Extension for Revit

This could be useful, but here is the latest link to the Revit COBie plugin.

Also, check out these free tools for Model checking, Model checking configurator,  COBie Extension, Classification. Haven't tried them my self, but I have been reliably informed they are extremely useful.

Project Expo

Interested in taking Revit models to realtime environments? I am reliable informed that this year will be huge for realtime environments, VR headsets etc; using this type of technology not only for design review, but for safety, training etc. Project Expo is an Autodesk beta solutions to address this requirement. The technology has recently moved from an early trial to beta state, so if you are interested in testing, be sure to sign up at

AEC Magazines' review of AU2015

For an assuming, but useful summary of AU2015, make sure you read Martyn Days review of last years BIG bash in Las Vegas.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

BIM360 Docs

One of the big announcements at Autodesk University 2015 was BIM360 Docs, the Autodesk stab at a common data environment to align with PAS.1192 (Level 2 BIM) requirements. There is free unlimited use on one project, unlimited storage, unlimited users. I sat in on the announcement during AU & have also spoken to a number of contractors who are pretty excited about this technology. It should be noted that it supports all file types!

TBI Holdings at Autodesk University 2015

One of the accounts I work with is TBI Holdings in the Netherlands. I was able to work with the Autodesk innovation leadership last year to get TBI to present at the Innovation Forum during AU2015. If you are interested to listen how TBI's Voorbij pre-cast factory is using technology to change the design to fabrication process make sure you review part 4 of this video. Jos Mulkens and Jeroen Pat from TBI will explain how the concept has become reality & Revit is very much centric to the process.

London Revit User Group - A new home

Hi, its been a long time! No! I haven't disappeared off the planet, just been really busy. I recently attended the London Revit User Group, even after all this time it was great to see the group is still getting regular attendees. The group now has a new site location, head over to this blog for more details if you are looking for a user group where you have a chance to meet with like minded Revit users.