Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Boston Day 2

So early wake up to checkin with the office in the UK. Then Zack Kronz dropped by to give me a lift into the Autodesk office, where we had a quick breakfast meeting about all sorts.

Returning back to Zachs desk we continued to have a chat about some geeky vasari stuff. Later I sat in on a few meetings, which is always interesting. Matt J joined us for lunch and I showcased a few hok projects which had caused our designers some real headaches.

In the afternoon I settled in like a new employee and did some real work. Skyped the family in the UK and then around 6ish the media event started with various bloggers and media people turning up for a reception with drinks and nibbles.

We left Autodesk offices around 8ish (myself, Robert Manna and his wife and Steve Stafford) for a meal in Lexington. Jason Grant has joined us for a drink and we are now waiting for our meal...ok my steak has arrived ..I need to eat.

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Steve said...

So that's where you "disappeared" to while you were engrossed in your phone!! Writing this post...