Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bisley – Revit Content


If you ask any interior designer want they want from Revit, apart from the normal comparisons with sketchup; the second most important item is content.

With this in mind, last year my colleague Mark Pritchard and I set about a task of contacting all the main furniture suppliers we worked with to see if…..

  1. they actually knew what Revit was?
  2. they had Revit content or where planning to build Revit content?

It was a very interesting exercise as it highlighted a genuine knowledge gap in the industry. The BIM message may be getting out to the architects and designers, but there is a disconnect with the supply chain. Overall it was a successful exercise as we managed to highlight the importance of manufacturers content. So much so, many of these firms where going away to investigate what was required to build Revit content.

However, one particular firm stood out over and above the rest was Bisley.


Bisley are manufacturers & suppliers of office storage equipment.After meeting with Gareth Evans from Bisley last year, he went away and did some research on Revit. He got Bisley to invest in Revit, he put himself on a Revit training course and started building content!


This is a comment from Gareth “I have started to draw up our pedestals and am loving using Revit over AutoCAD.”


Bisley are working on a place to post all there content and I will let you know once this has happened. In the short term, Gareth emailed me over three examples, which can be downloaded from here. If you have any comments, please feel free to post them and I will pass them on to Gareth.


Now some people are going to disagree with me, but good quality Revit content isn’t something you should have to pay for. Good quality content in my humble opinion is a marketing opportunity for the supply chain!


Unknown said...

It would be great if companies such as Bisley made use of the new BIMStore website that you posted about a week or two ago. If it remains free for user to download, it could become a fantastic resource for UK Revit content!

Unknown said...

Can you recommend that they use the BIMStore website that you posted about a week or two ago? If it remains free it could become a great source of Revit content for the UK!

Joe Stott said...

Hi David,

First of all, congratulations to Gareth & Bisley for getting on board the Revit train. Its fantastic to see the supply chain moving in this direction.
You asked in your post for comments so I thought I would add my 2 pence worth. I have a lot of experience of working with large scale furniture and equipment projects in Revit so I like to think I know what to look out for. Please don't take my comments as negative because I think its great to find a company who is serious about this.

1) Consider using type catalogues to save you time and make sure projects only contain the types required.
2) Avoid arrays if possible. They bog down a family and bump file size.
3) Consider maybe having 2 or even 3 library's with varying levels of details. Large projects would benefit from a low res 3D version whilst renders may require high detail.
4) Maybe look into using visibly controls to switch off the 3D in plan. Use symbolic lines to provide the plan views required.
5) Maybe having a name prefix would help the Bisley content group together. Bisley_3high_drawer_units.rfa for example.

I'm sure that there are other comments we could go over but i think that the above capture the main issues.

Once again,, Great work and please keep us updated.


Joe (RevitScratchPad)