Friday, November 19, 2010

Project Vasari – Station Canopy Roof


Last year we did a competition for a railway station in London as part of the Crossrail development. The designer came up with a rather funky, yet beautiful looking roof for the proposed new station.


Unfortunately we didn’t win the competition, The roof was actually modelled in another application, but I was able to produce it easily in Revit 2010. So I thought I’d show you how to do it in Vasari using an adaptive component family nested into a mass loaded into a project. Hope you enjoy.BTW I don’t normally work this fast!!! :-)


bradidea said...

Very nice, but I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping to see how you created the spikey scales on the surface, but you didn't do that part. How about a part 2 where you add that to the surface?? But, despite that, thanks for sharing. Nice demo!

Bas said...

Hey David,

I saw in your video that you made a rendering of your model in Project Vasari. I've tried to find the 'teapot' or render dialog in the 3D-views, but can't find it anywhere in my version of Project Vasari.
Can you help me?



DaveFano said...

I found how to turn that little black square off around the cursor in Camtasia. I'll send you a screen cap.

Sweet video, i dig the music too :)

Plessey Mathews said...

Wow!! Poetry... ballet what can I compare it to? I spent about an hour stop starting the youtube video figuring out the steps. But at the end found it much more fun than if you had a slowed down version with narration.

How much did you have to practise or was it on the fly?

Unknown said...


Dave Baldacchino said...

Nice work! I'm falling behind on my reading...good thing I can read and watch videos on my phone nowadays :)