Friday, November 05, 2010

My render has disappeared

Thought I’d share this problem I had this week.

It first came to light when trying to add a material to a family and then render this family in a project. I discovered that if you created a family, applied a material from the standard Revit material library, maybe altered the material, loaded the family into the project and the material is ignored. In some cases the object renders black other times it does not render at all and the geometry disappears. The give away is that the render appearance shader does not take on the properties of the defined material. In the video, you will notice it will go black.

I tried installing the Revit 2011 hot fix which updated the “” file, but this didn’t resolve the problem, however I still think it may be linked to this. I also tried all the tips here of uninstalling and reinstalling the library but this made no difference……

I even went really extreme and completely uninstalled RAC 2011 with the VBS script which is on the Autodesk support pages, cleaning the registry, then reinstalling  RAC 2011, testing without sp2 , then adding sp2, uninstalling and reinstalling the protein material library yet again! But no difference. Then I had a sudden brain wave ( I don’t often get many! ) I  created a new local profile on my laptop and to see if it was affecting all users. To my surprise the materials rendered fine under the new profile and Revit was happy again.

So moral of this story is, if you discover this issue the chances are that your user profile may be corrupt. Deleting your user profile and recreating a new one, seems on the face of it to cure the problem. What causes this, I really do not know! Certainly try some of the Autodesk tips as I believe it may be linked to some of these, but I can at least now render in Revit without things disappearing. :-)


hrbarchitect said...

Hi David,

Glad you got this working. What did you think of the script to uninstall Revit? I'd love to hear any feedback you have on it. I'd love to know if it made the process easier than following the doc and if it saved you any time.


Harlan Brumm
Autodesk Product Support

cadalot said...


If you recall we had a problem where two users could open the same file at the same time without the second being told that the file was already open ~ That also turned out to be a problem with a user profile.

Lorenzo Spinazzi said...

I had same problem. When adjusting lights temperature color the render engine fail in dark.

I solved the problem renaming revit user profile in windows register.

Italian: ho avuto lo stesso problema, aggiustando la temperatura di colore e la potenza delle lampade il render finale diventava scuro.
Ho risolto rinominando il profilo utente di revit nel registro di windows.

David Light said...

Hi Harlum,

The script worked fine apart from the registry error I got towards the end, but I think this may be because I only have local admin rights to my laptop. I got around this by manually remove the registry keys. It certainly speeded the process up. What would nornally take around 5 to 10 minutes to do, seem to take half that time.

kind regards


rocky said...

David (and all),

What exactly do you mean "rename revit user profile in the windows register"? What do I need to search for in the registry?


rocky said...

David (and all),

What exactly do you mean when you say to "rename my revit user profile in the windows registery"? What is the abbreviation I need to use to find my user profile in the directory?
Also anyone have any theories of why? This problem followed me from my desktop to my laptop.