Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project Vasari – no metric templates?

Ok, after you download and start playing you will soon find out that Vasari provides only imperial templates. Now after a bit of head scratching I discovered that because of the way Vasari is distributed its not easy to hack the imperial templates and make them metric.

So this is what I have done. I have opened all the standard imperial templates as new projects and new families. I then changed all my settings as required and saved them to a folder of my choice as rfa files with the word Metric added to the name.


I then changed the file extension of these files form .rfa to rft. This make them Revit templates, if you didn’t already know this.

imageI then whipped back into Vasari, application menu > options > file locations and changed the default imperial template to my custom template. At the same time I pointed to the newly created location for my metric family templates.

imageJob done, I now have metric templates, which saves me having to keep changing from imperial to metric each time I start a new project or family.


Unknown said...


Don't miss update mass families that exist inside template.

Other remark : I didn't find text style to change text definition for metric template.


Unknown said...

Thanx David - I was just thinking that Vasari is useless to me without metric - faith restored!

Plessey Mathews said...

Thanks for describing the process David. Just want to know if you would mind sharing it on your blog if nothing confidential is involved. This post is linked from Facebook. Lots of people (especially me) will be thankful that you did the work and your name would be right there among the Vasari divinities. ;-)