Saturday, November 20, 2010

Project Vasari – rendering?

So you may have noticed in my blog post yesterday, that the youtube video showed me rendering the station canopy inside Project Vasari. I have had a couple of people ask me how I was able to do this. When they went to try and render they see no teaspot icon in the view control bar. No teapot icon, no rendering!




So how was I able to achieve this? Well its down to how Autodesk having enabled a common shared material library in the 2011 Autodesk solutions. This library is consistent across multiply Autodesk products, so if you already have say Revit 2011 or AutoCAD 2011 installed on your laptop or workstation, you will have this library installed by default. Therefore, as Vasari is basically the same as  Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP minus various features; Vasari will also share this library, so the rendering functionality is enabled! Sweet.image


Alessio Boco said...

Hi David

I have Revit, Autocad and 3Dstudio max on my pc with the 2011 shared materials library but still my render button in Vasari is grey.
Any tips?

Unknown said...

Would like to know more about does Vasari fastens up the rendering process

Arcadia said...

Great! but... how can you have the gray shadows? my shades are blue ...