Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tools4Revit–New Sort Mark Tool

The guys at Tool4Revit let me know that they have released a new application called Sort Mark that allows new possibilities in sorting and renumbering Revit elements.

“We made it as “easy-to-use” as possible. Sort Mark will help you to get rid of some daily pains and save your time. Trust me, it has never been so simple!”

Sort Mark Features:

  • Detect grid geometry and renumber it;
  • Renumber grids automatically after they have been changed in the project;
  • Powerful and flexible functions allow to renumber any Revit element in different ways;
  • Write swing direction for the doors;
  • Write flip/mirror orientation for the selected elements;
  • Recalculate shared X, Y, Z coordinates;
  • Create new shared parameters etc.

Checkout the link to these videos, which explains the various features.

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