Monday, March 05, 2012

Rooms to 3D Mass – case-inc apps


A few weeks back, case-inc released their monthly app. The February 2012 instalment was a tool which allows you to convert a Room to a 3D Mass.


More details can be found on the case-inc website …. The tool is really valuable, however, the initial release had some limitations. When you converted the Room, it was actually converting it to a Generic model. Not a big deal, but you needed to be aware of this. So after some positive critical feedback, our friends at case-inc made some tweaks! So now when you choose Rooms to 3D Mass, the output is indeed a 3D mass family! Now all they need to do is find a smart way for us to automatically name the generated families rather than a have a long winded database name; did I say I was demanding? ;-)


Well done guys & a big thanks you from the Revit community. :-)


Julien BENOIT said...

thanks for the head-up David.
For the name, maybe Whitefeet can help...

Erik said...

"after some positive critical feedback"

It seemed more like brow beating and arm-twisting on Twitter.

But maybe one man's positive critical feedback is another's... well you get the idea. ;)