Friday, March 23, 2012

My headache (under NDA)

I generally try to not rant on my blog, it makes you look unprofessional & does you no favours in my humble opinion. However, today is different. I have a headache & it hasn’t gone away ALL day & to add to that, somebody has irritated me & I suspect they have irritated somebody bigger than me. What they have done somehow seems to have ruined it for everybody else. You know who you are! Not sure what sort of power trip you are on, but it’s not cool if I am honest.

When a company puts in place an NDA, (non-disclosure agreement) they put it in for good reason. I have signed more NDA’s than I care to remember. In fact I am thinking of getting one tattooed on my arm. Nether the less, this particular blog pushed out information which is indeed still under NDA to the masses. Why, I really don’t know. They gave some lame bullS**T excuse about they are a journalist exercising their rights as a writer, really? If they are a journalist, that makes me the pope.

Yeah so you wanna be first every year, whoopie do, anyone can grab a load of screen grabs & stuff them on a website & say look at me, ain’t I great. So this numpty has let the cat out of the bag. All I can say is look for quality posts in the next week or so on your favourite product, from your favourite bloggers which hopefully gives you a candid view on what is good & what is not.

So if I have offended the “said” person, sadly I care little, because as I said at the start, I have had a headache & I still have it now.


GregR said...

About time someone told the DIK what a DIK he iz. I have listened to him wipe his feet on AutoCAD for so many years, now he wants pull the rug out from under everyone else. Go get him David.

Dimitri Harvalias said...

We were just talking about this in the office today wondering ow one gets away with this sort of thing without receiving a serious slap upside the head from Autodesk.
I'll be checking back here for your post David, as I always do around this time of year, since I enjoy the quality and depth of your posts and your respect for the 'rules'.
Seems to me that not long ago being 'premature' was considered an undesirable trait ; )
Take care of your head.

Revit Implementation said...

Well said David!
Looking forward to your "official" preview, as I have done with the past releases.
Go get 'em