Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Off Topic – Hobbies, BMX, Revit

So this is a little off topic, but I thought it was worth sharing. So when I’m not geeking with Revit or spending time with my family I do have a hobby which harps back to my youth! I am 80’s child at heart and one of the cool things that came out of this era was BMX! So when I have time, I like getting knackered and trashed BMX bikes and refurbishing them back to their former glory. If you don’t know much about BMX, the craze started back in SoCal in the early 70’s, but really hit the big time in the 80’s. After dropping off the radar due to the mountain bike movement, its more recently hit the mainstream once again, with BMX heros like Mat Hoffman and Dave Mirra helping to drive the sport forward. BMX racing is even an Olympic sport.  One particular firm which I have a lot of respect for is S&M Bikes, American owned, American made, these bikes have collected a cult following over the years. Anyway, a few years back I bid for a S&M Dirt Bike frame on Ebay, the image is below. I knew exactly what it was when it appeared on Ebay and was determined to win this!

09-06-13_ebay dirtbike

Anyway, I did win and I didn’t pay over the odds. When the frame & forks arrived I stripped it of all it parts.All the value was in the frame and forks; hand made in the USA from 4130 cromoly tubing.DSCN3811

I then stripped it back to bare metal.


I got the frame & forks powder coated red, as near to the original RAL colour as I could. But I also wanted to recreate the decals. I managed to get the original decals off the frame ok, which I then scanned in on my Mac. After cleaning the scans up in Photoshop, I then fired up Revit! I created a new drafting view and imported the jpeg scan.


I then traced over the scan using detail lines and solid fills to end up with this exact copy of the original artwork.


I then tracked down a firm on the internet which supplied clear decal sticker paper and printed the art work using my Epson Inkjet printer.

2011-05-03 20.51.41

Then all I had to do is get the decals onto the frame!2011-05-03 20.58.38

So this is the completed bike!

2011-05-03 20.59.39

So the next time somebody tells you that you can’t do that it Revit, you tell em’ that Revit can even do artwork !!! BTW, if you have old bmx bike or frame, I am particularly interested in tracking down  Skyway TA frame & forks, Haro Master or Haro Sport from the mid 80’s, let me know.  :-)


Jake Boen said...

Beautiful Rebuild David. I grew up on a chrome Mongoose BMX and ruled the neighborhoods for years. I have moved on to the mountain bikes for riding but am enjoying watching my little 5 year old daughter on her overly built 16" Specialized hot rock.
You are right, Revit can design anything. I'm sure you have heard Steve Shell's story about designing a quilt and getting his motorcycle frame modified based on his own Revit "calculations".

Steve said...

My son Jake spends a lot of time riding his BMX bike. He built it from a variety of parts himself. The frame is "Sunday" and the wheels are "Stolen" while the other parts are "FitBike"...I think. He really likes Danscomp, mailorder shop.

Stephen said...

Good Job!

Be interested inknowing where you got the frame repainted and how much it costs - I have a frame (for a mountain bike) that needs some attention.