Monday, April 19, 2010

Revit 2011 recommended Graphics Cards

This is a particularly useful document if you want to know what Graphics Cards are recommended for Revit Architecture 2011.


Rob said...

I am currently looking for a video card for Revit. Can you recommend one? I was told not to go overboard with a high price card as Revit will operate with gaming cards that cost way less. Looking for something in the middle. Got any models you can throw at me?

Unknown said...

Hi Rob, we use Quadro Fx-580 cards in our workstations. These come as part of our standard DELL workstation builds. They work well, as long as you have the recommended and approved drivers. I would suggest checking AUGI out and asking the question there as I am sure many users will be able to recommend a cheaper comparable gaming card. However, I would always recommend that what ever you purchase it is on the listed of approved cards by Autodesk. This way you can assure that you will not fall into any support traps.

Unknown said...

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