Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HOK win at Berlin DesignSlam!


I had to share this with you; I was going to hold off until I got more feed back, but I couldn’t wait!

A colleague of mine, William Lopez Campo from the HOK London office yesterday participated in the closing event of Autodesk’s BIM Conference  held in Berlin: a two-round 20 minute(each) LIVE “DesignSlam”. He was up against some really tough competition but his unique and highly skilled approach to using Revit saw him through and he took the top prize of 1000 Euros plus a Lego Architectural model of Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater.

The live competition involved two 20 minute tasks in front of a live audience of 300. The first task was a facade extension to an existing building and the second involved a Bridge exercise. William’s amazing mathematic abilities allowed him to create this bridge using parametric families. To quote William……

“The most exciting moment of my design was when time was up, and I transferred all the Parameter information to a nested set of the simple elements. In the click of a button I asked Revit to recalculate over 4500 values, model 1600 solids, regenerate around 20 views, most shaded and shadow-enabled and including perspectives. It took around 3 tense minutes for a quite cryptic image on screen to become the bridge I had in mind.”


William has promised me more sketch book examples of how he went about creating this bridge, which I will share with you in a future blog. In the meantime I would like to extend my congratulation to William! Don’t spend all the money at once! :-)


lira said...

Congrats to William from his fans at Autodesk!!

lira said...

Congrats to William from his fans at Autodesk!! Looking forward to read more about the design process :)! All best, Lira

Jason Kunk said...

Very impressive. (would also love to see a pic of that Fallingwater Lego)

Unknown said...

No dudo de la capacidad de William en aplicar matematicas al diseño.Lo conozco desde muy joven.

UnderNDA said...

Cheers David!
Thanks for your assistance and for spreading the word!
I'm making notes on the process for you to enhance the article and please your exquisite audience.

Kind regards,

juliogo said...

William, Felicidades desde México.
La verdad asombroso lo que haces con Revit y sobre todo que lo manejas como si fuera muy fácil...
Un abrazo, Julio Gonzalez de la ciudad de México.


LawrenceH said...

Hi Dave,

This looks absolutly great. You know I have a weakness for curvy things! Revit is finally starting to give Inventor a run for its money.