Friday, June 27, 2008

10 Reasons to use Revit

I received this email the other day from a fellow Revit user, entitled "Reasons to use Revit". You may have seen some of the images before, some are spoof, others are real but I thought it worth sharing. If anyone ever questions why you using Revit, show them these beauties, ( cheers Chris)  it certainly made me smile. :-)

1. Camera views????


2. Clash detection.......


3. Parametric's gone wrong


4. A new form of fire escape


5. Escalators for the vertically challenged


6. When parametric change fails to deliver...


7. Reduce your carbon footprint; borrow light!


8. No guests allowed


9. Combating the Credit crunch


10. A Classic!!!!!



coreed said...

hi David,
how's the new pc going that you were setting up. i been waiting to here the results.

Unknown said...

Very funny! Can't believe that some of those pics could be real!
I would like to take this opportunity to ask you a question, having just found your blog on the links at autodesk site. I'm a student interior designer and am wondering which of all the software are the best for my needs. My research tells me Revit Architecture coupled with VIZ for photorealistic rendering. I've been using autocad for 2d and some basic 3d and chief architect XI for perspective views and rendering, but I want to use software that's autocad compatible to better communicate with engineers and architects. I much appreciate your insight. thanks!

Unknown said...

Lena, I would think you are about right, Revit Architecture and Viz would be a great combination. You will probably find that you can do around 75% of your design visualiation in Revit, but you would be best of moving to Viz or MAx for higher end renderings and walkthoughs. My advice (depending on money) would be to go for 3dsmax Design 2009 rather than Viz. Viz development has stopped and the focus is really on 3dsmax. Max Design 2009 will allow you to import FBX files exported from Revit. You can find more details on the interopeability between to two products via this link..

I hope this helps.

Unknown said...

David, thanks for your reply and the link. I will def. take everything you suggest into account and already, from talking and researching further I have come to believe that 3ds max is better than VIZ. You've helped to clear it up for me. I will definitely be following your interesting and informative blog!Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Lena, might I suggest you look at Autodesk Showcase as a presentation option as well. You will want a nice graphics card to use it, but it is worth it if you have it. Students can get a free copy of this software, but I am unaware of the limitations that come with the student version.