Saturday, June 07, 2008

Phil Read moves on......

I would guess by now many of you will be aware that Phil Read has left Autodesk for pastures green. Phil has very much been the public face of Autodesk and I first meet him four years back at an Autodesk reseller event. I must admit I found him very inspirational and I am sure he has also inspired many other Revit users around the world as well. Anyone who has sat in on one of his sessions at AU will know what I mean.

So armed with his new mac book pro and iphone I expect him to be keeping Autodesk very busy as he pushes from a different direction! I also thought you’d like to know that he has also started his own blog, so it’s worth checking this out as he gives his views and thoughts on technology in Architecture. You can find the blog here….

In the meantime, good luck Phil and see you at AU2008 mate!

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