Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sloped Pads in Revit Architecture 2009

Revit Architecture 2009 (as well as Structure and MEP) has finally introduced the ability to slope building pads. This now allows us to slope areas to indicate footpaths, sloped parking areas, ramped paving etc. You produce sketch lines for the building pad in a site view in the normal way; however you can now add a slope arrow to your sketch in the same way as you can add slope arrows to floor, roofs or ceilings. This allows you to slope the pad.

Once you’ve sketched the extent of the pad, you can add a slope arrow which is accessible from the design bar when you are in sketch mode.

You can control the slope of the pad by accessing the element properties, where you can either specify the height at tail or the slope. To do this, select the slope arrow and right mouse click and go to element properties.

This added functionality will certainly help to enhance your site modelling capabilities within Revit Architecture and Structure.

Finally, another little tip-bit for building pads in 2009, is that they are now considered to be room-bounding elements and this is especially useful when calculating room areas or volumes.


Joselo Aguilar said...


first ... excelent blog ...
second ... i have a problem with the pads, when i made a pad with slop arrow, in the views show me a lines or something ... why do that?... i hope you can help me ...

Note: this is only when they intersect pads a sloping and horizontal.

Ross said...

Nice blog, clear and helpful. As a new user to Revit I shall certainly visit your page again!

Maheswari Krishnan said...


Have you ever tried creating a toposurface for a tunnel and tried adding building pads?

waiting to hear from you.