Monday, March 03, 2008

Arups and Revit Structure

Take a look at this article written by Greg Corke of AECmag.

It is a project by ARUP's in London, UK. The project was done completely using Revit Structure and it was a real challenge, especially as it was one of their first Revit projects!! I will provide more details on this project in a later post, as I trained Jim Williams and his team and provided on site consultancy and support through the early stages.

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Allan said...

Hello David, any idea when your planning on going into this in a bit more depth?

There's not a lot out there talking about complex models done in Revit Structure (especially complex roof geometry), so I am very interested to see what you have done with this. I have also spoke too Lawrence Hooker of Excitech about this very topic too. It would be good to see more Revit Structure orientated stories showing jobs like this in practice!