Friday, July 12, 2013

PAS1192-2: new BIM standards - NBS TV video

The NBS have produced a useful video which explains BIM in the UK, especially around the COBie, PAS1192-2, RIBA BIM overlay requirements. It makes interesting viewing, with interviews with Nick Nesbit (BuildingSMART UK), John Eynon (architect) as well as Dale Sinclair (Dyer). The interviewer does an excellent job at questioning the interviewees, pushing them to demystify the whole thing. I found it slightly amusing that technology seemed to get side stepped, but then remember I am a technology geek. This is what fires me up. Whilst people & process along with collaborative working are essential to BIM, I like to understand how the technology integrates with the process to drive efficiencies at a fundamental level for collaborative benefits.

Do I believe the UK will be ready for the 2016 BIM requirement? Nope, sadly I don’t. It’s going in the right direction with a massive push & it’s refreshing that the discussion is being had. There is also some great Project work already being done or completed using a BIM methodology. HOK’s BP2, Barts Royal London hospital or Crossrail, Francis Crick to name but a few. The big game changer is the data requirements.

But right now I still see many that are confused by much of the new generation BIM requirements, if you can call it new generation. This is not me being negative at all, it’s just what I observe day to day. When you still have people concerned about the quality of the drawing output from say (insert preferred BIM authoring application), then there is no way they are ready for this next step. There is so much to learn & a fundamental mind shift required.

I hope I am proven wrong, I really do. But with so much going on, so many new terms, so many acronyms I wonder the average construction individual is confused. Our industry is complex enough as it is, please let’s not make it even more confusing. Feel free to challenge me if you think I am wrong, but when I speak to other likeminded experts, whilst they are not necessarily speaking out, secretly they have some reservations as well. It’s just that I’m stupid enough to say it publically.


PAS1192-2: new BIM standards - NBS TV video

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RevitRandomiser said...

100% agree Dave. The fact that some of the 'experts' can't agree on or even understand the raft of new material coming out, speaks volumes.